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[Indonesia]Playstation 3 60gb bundle compatible uk

PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant, high-definition entertainment experience. It's powered by the Cell Broadband Engine, which makes for a gaming experience above and beyond what you've known before. Its built-in Blu-Ray disc drive delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched digital media storage (more data storage than today's DVDs). Whether it's gaming, Blu-Ray movies, music or online services, PlayStation 3 invites you to play beyond. PS3[...]


[Indonesia]X-BOX 360

The Xbox 360 game system includes a powerful 360 hard drive and a removable faceplate, and comes with one Xbox 360 wireless controller, Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox 360 HD-AV Cable, Xbox 360 Ethernet Connectivity Cable, Silver Xbox Live Marketplace Service and a user manual. Xbox 360 Console: As with the premium edition, three powerful core processors pump out 720p/1080i output, 16x9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound and DVD playback right out of the box. Measures[...]


[Indonesia]Nitendo WII

Processor Processor type IBM "Broadway" Memory RAM Speed 512 MHz RAM technology Flash Graphics Graphic Processor ATI Hollywood Graphic Processor Speed 243 MHz Graphic Card Memory 3 MB Polygons Per Second 500 Million Storage Type Optical Drive Type 12 cm discs Audio Audio Out Proprietary Audio Out Technical Features Communication Type IEEE 802.11b • IEEE 802.11g • USB 2.0 Controller Pad Ports 4 Expansion Slots SD Card Wireless[...]


[Indonesia]Playstation 3 20 GB

Processor Processor type Cell Processor Speed 3.2 GHz Memory Installed RAM 256 MB Installed Cache Memory 512 KB Memory Bus Bandwidth 25.6 GB/sec RAM Speed 3200 MHz RAM technology XDR Display Max. Resolution 1920 x 1080 Graphics Graphic Processor NVIDIA RSX Graphic Processor Speed 550 MHz Graphic Card Memory 256 MB Polygons Per Second 75 Million Storage Type Hard Drive Size 20 GB Optical Drive Type BD-ROM Optical Drive Speed 24x (CD)[...]